Water Damaged Phone?
Here are 3 easy to follow steps

So you dropped your iPhone in the sink, Samsung in the toilet or you forgot your HTC in your pocket and realize that clanking sound isn’t a problem with the washing machine. Now you are faced with a water damaged phone and your immediate action is crucial.
What should you do?

Step 1:

First, Remove the device from the water or liquid immediately (as quickly as humanly possible) and dry with a cloth or paper towel.

Step 2:

Turn off the Phone / device and if possible remove the battery. Also wipe the battery dry, particularly paying attention to the gold connecting terminals.

Step 3:

Contact Mobile Works Canberra immediately to arrange a repair. We can give you a quote based on the severity of the water ingress and components affected. Once the extent of the damage is determined, our technicians will continue by disassembling your phone to remove any of the inlying liquid, restore any corrosion and replace components that have failed or are un repairable. This is will ensure that your mobile device has the best chance of recovery after its short lived battle with the water.