Apple is going to announce the new generation of iPhones this September – the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. Some are expecting to see an iPhone 7 Pro model to make an appearance, but there is little evidence to support this.

One thing all the rumours have in common is the lack of change in the design – the 7th generation iPhones will be similar in appearance to the iPhone 6 series, with minor exterior refinements such as hidden antenna bands. We can expect these design refurbishments to continue for at least the next three years.
Continuing with the rumour mill, amongst all of the popular rumours, some suggest that the new Apple iPhone 7 will include optical stabilization.

Today’s story though is a stretch from the realm of norm, particularly for Apple. News that definitely is not easy to swallow, suggesting that Apple might be replacing its top-selling colour option – Space Grey – with Deep Blue. If this is true, then it has to be one super attractive paint mixture; otherwise, it may unsettle a lot of people. After all, the Space Grey was most famous not because of is coolness, but because it was the safest all-round choice. You can expect the rest of the colours to remain intact – Gold, Rose Gold, and Silver.